Thursday, January 22, 2009

Three Weeks of Boxes

Three weeks and two truck rental days later, I finally finished moving all of my stuff to the house. I haven't worked myself this sore in years. Now I have a house full of crates that I need to sort through. Also it is amazing what twelve years of squirming away boxes of stuff can collect. I now have nine computer monitors for six computers. Fortunately there is a county e-recycle event going on just a few minutes from the house this Saturday and I can take seven monitors and four computers in for e-waste disposal. Always need two of each, right? Now I have to patch up the holes in the walls [made before I went wireless] and paint and mop the place clean. Then find a tennant to rent the place out, or sell the whole complex. Want to buy a four unit complex?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Moving Up

Been a very busy week loading six crates at a time in the mini and moving all the small stuff to the new place. Tomorrow I rent a truck for the big stuff. In the mean time, a cute little celebration dance by a toy my aunt gave me: