Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Playoffs, Baby

Got my playoff tickets in the mail the other day. First home game is not until Saturday, but I am already excited. First two games will be in Chicago. Can not quite make those, this time. I hope we sweep them in three and get the first series over with, but I know it will not be that easy. And if LA's team does not make it to the World Series of Baseball, then the fee just rolls over to next year's season ticket pool. First, boo the cubbies, then off to the next round.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Police Help

I've become the old man next door yelling 'you kids get off my lawn'. Saturday morning, at seven twenty in the morning, new neighbor outside my open bedroom window decides to use an air powered nail gun in fixing up his new home. Which was nice an quiet when the 103 year old lady use to live there. Thing was built in the forties and does need a lot of work, but come on. A nail gun this early? So since he did not response to my gentle taunts, but kept on working, I phoned the non-emergency number and asked a question, at what hour of the morning may one use an air powered nail gun? She mentioned eight or nine AM but it was different on the weekends and would be glad to send someone out to talk to him. Twenty minutes later I hear a car pull up, a knock on their door, and it stops. For hours. Now for days. Guess he was done, or they talked him out of using it ever again. I would have been happy with just after nine AM that Saturday. Construction still goes on. Today he's mixing cement in a wheelbarrow for a new walkway. That's nice.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Reports From Texas

Getting reports from various parts of Texas that Disaster Recovery is still underway. Ice and water are being given away at some locations now. Most are living by candles and batteries. It was a very powerful storm and estimates as to when they will get power back vary. Cleaning up is the best that they can do while waiting for insurance adjusters arrive. Most BBQ'd on Sunday everything out of their freezers and refrigerators. Now it all has to keep as they get time to eat it all. Trees that fell is the biggest issue in the suburbs. Repair crews can't get in until the are cleared first. Downtown Houston is layered in glass shards. Not a pretty site. Some are charging cell phones with generators and cars though they need to save the gas or wait in a long line for more. Galveston is going to take a long time to recover/rebuild. If work crews are ever allowed back there. Ferrying items from Galveston to the Bolivar Peninsula, or trucking from San Jacinto will take a long time to get there too. I'm sure they could use your prayers, too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are Women All Crazy?

One sure is. Okay, I take it back, I'm the crazy one for taking the leads she offered and called them back only to be blown away by their stories and experience. I haven't talked to her in over a week, and e-mail her a hint that I might want to do voice work, and she is already lining up industry professionals for me to talk to. My first class in the field isn't for a month and already I am being prodded to hustle up auditions. I know the field is cutthroat, but was not expecting this until I had a professional demo ready. Off I go...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Think Blue

Fun to watch the standings and see the Dodger's increasing their lead in the national league's west division. Anyone want extra playoff tickets?

Friday, September 12, 2008


The last couple of days have gone better than planned. Even the Dodgers are increasing their lead in the National League's Western Division. The one drawback now is the 'every two minute' cooling fan coming on as I record for librivox.org It's getting very distracting. Maybe I need a portable voice recorder and then just copy it to the laptop later. Maybe. I also took a plunge and signed up for a voice over acting workshop. This will finally test my skills, or lack thereof, of using my voice as an instrument as so many phone contacts tell me I should think of doing. So fine, now to get a professional opinion from real voice over actors and put me in my place. It will be fun to learn another method, none the less. Off I go...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm A Terrible Boyfriend

I say all the right things.
When we are together.
I'm trainable.
When we are together.
I make many correct moves.
When we are together.
I haven't called or written in ten days.
She called yesterday to remind me that she is still alive.
Ten days ago, I mentioned that I would be spending a week with the Dodgers after work etc.
I haven't really thought of her for eight of those days.
I'm not worthy, and need to tell her.
The half a dozen dates or so the three weeks before were fun.
But, without an enthusiam for baseball, she dropped off my radar.
Why am I telling you?
Easy, you are an anonymous reader.
Me, I'm A Terrible Boyfriend.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Closer to Normal Week

Had fun attending three Dodger home games this week. [All wins] They are off tonight, so I am home typing this up. I'll be attending three more this weekend. Wouldn't you?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Strange Week

Travelling in a different circle can spin one around. Sunday night I meet some friends at an outdoor jazz concert. Turns out the eighty year old, sax playing, headliner, was the cousin of the folk I went to meet there. We all go out to dinner and I am wow'd by the stories of traveling the world with his horns and the women who stalked him. The week ended with a dinner party last Saturday night, with a walk over to one of her friends house. We all go in and wait for the artist to arrive. When she does, the parlor is opened and a huge pipe organ is set up permanently in this guys parlor. He introduces the player who talks about each selection while changing the settings on the organ from romantic to baroque and back. I sure do not understand the footwork involved with all those pedals. Tip basket with envelopes was available and I put a twenty in an unmarked envelope and tossed it in for I was so astonished at what I just heard. Who has concerts in their home like this? I've invited guitar players to parties before, but never a pipe organist. Hope she does well in her competition in Japan later this year. It takes all kinds, and I'm sure I'll never see them all.