Thursday, August 21, 2008


Back from holiday, paid three weeks worth of bills and mailed them off today. Now to my shreading pile. I really like my shreader. I feed it everything with my name and address on it. Even catalog page covers and netflix envelope covers. Filled up a kitchen trashbag with my shreadings today. Now, is it puzzle time, or do I throw it all away?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday on the Road

After a wonderful week visiting family and friends for the last two weeks, finally on my way home. Currently in a motel in Las Cruses waiting for the sun to set, and wake up tomorrow morning and head back to LA. For the last week I've been in a beach house viewing the Gulf of Mexico with good friends and good times. Cell phones have entered the house, and with improved service this year, calls interrupted many of our activities, except being at the beach and in the water itself. I'd like to ban them, but a couple of them have business's to run and most of guys have wives to say goodnight to. When they were doing that, I was either watching the moon and the stars through the clouds or tuning the satellite radio in to a station that might entertain the lot of us. One dude brought the Firefly series on DVD that I never saw before. Excellent series, what was FOX thinking putting that on Friday nights? Definitely a Tuesday through Thursday, if not Sunday night series. Oh, yeah, the picture. Well, when you get close to interstate 10 on highway 71 in Columbus, Texas, you see these weights hanging down from a sign that reads, If You Hit These, You Will Hit The Bridge. Stuck the camera out of the roof of the Mini and snapped while rolling this morning. Guess a few folk have hit the bridge. Off I go, cya.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thusday, Big Travel Day

Left Tulsa at dawn this morning and headed for Houston. While still in Oklahoma, I pulled into a shamrock station in some little town off of highway 75 and was filling up the mini with premium when a couple pull up in an SUV and the woman gets out and asks me if I'm a local and can direct her to a nearby church. I'm wearing a blue Hawaiian Dodgers shirt, welder sunglasses, and a soft driving cap, putting gas into a mini convertible with California license plates, and she asks me if I live here. Where is she from? Arkansas? Um, no, I'm not from here, and I have yet to scope out the local religious scene. So she trots into the store to see if anyone there knows. Off I go then...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

If it's Saturday...

...It must be Santa Fe. Santa Fe? What the hell am I doing in an artsy fartsy small town in New Mexico? Well my niece was in a broadway theater class for two weeks and it was show case day. I am currently on my annual two week road trip from LA to Tulsa to Houston to the Gulf Coast of Texas since it was happening at the same time, I swung up and glad I am to have done it. And I made it in time for both the 4 PM and 7 PM shows. For a fourteen year old, my niece is doing very well in this theater company. She has been taking jazz dance, ballet, tap, and voice lessons for years, and I had hints that she was good all along and this proves it. As I was copying videos from her mom's camera to this laptop, while being blown away by her impromptu performance here in the room. How does such a deep and soulful voice come from such a tiny teenager? I'm impressed. Her instructors said she improved everyday that she was there. Her mom is beaming, and Uncle Proto is stunned that he is related to someone so talented. Now, about that driving permit next year...