Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Twenty sixth of forty or so

I did not go into the tournament last night with the right attitude. I went in as a cheapskate, and exited too early. I remember a couple of weeks before, when I won, that I had an attitude that I was going to do very well. Last night, instead, was full of wishes and draws that did not quite come to fruition. It's not that I was getting any worse cards than normal, just not betting aggressively enough when I did have a good hand. That, and folding to the over aggressive group that was there last night. I knew better, and tried to change during the second hour, but it was too late. The damage to my chip stack had already been done, and it would have taken a string of lucky miracles to get back into the action as a chip leader. They didn't come, and I went out with two high pair against a little three of a kind. Once more ace and I would have filled up against them and tripled up in chips, but no, out in twenty sixth with no prize, go I. Took a lesson with me though, go in with the right attitude.


itcm said...

Dude with an attitude. You'll get it right next time. :)

Nadine Hightower said...

Get your new age tapes...get your gameface back on and get back in there!!