Monday, July 9, 2007

Was your Fourth happy?

My mostly was, watched the fireworks at the stadium with some buddies, though driving home in an open convertible whilst various neighborhoods were shooting off missiles into the air with their reports booming all around me was a little scary. At least none landed in the car. Did see Live Free or Die Hard that day, and had a blast watching all of the amazing stunts in that film. Critics be damned, I had a good time. Saw the Transformers last Friday afternoon. Wow! Nice work with the CGI and the continuation of the mythos of autobots and decepticons. A very loud movie too. The only bad thing last week was the Dodgers having to lose four in a row before finally winning one yesterday. Well, it's one in a row now! After the all-star break, the season will resume it's march to the October playoffs. My fingers are crossed. Fires breakout, water intakes are found to have mussels after their spawning time upstream, water pumps being shutdown because of endangered smelt fish, lack of rain during the last year, all make for a doubling of water rates. Watched an episode of Big Brother 8 Sunday night. A new bunch of misfit hamsters act out for our viewing pleasure. Not sure exactly why I like this show so much. I do not subscribe to the live feeds, but I do read some forums that describe the feeds now and then. Strange, strange, strange. A new computer/phone was announced today at and Looks like something cool for the phone hacker in you!

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Nadine Hightower said...
Sick of rain...yes.
Harry Potter...yes.

I would ofer to truck out some of the this water but I don't think it's fit for man nor beast. The smell wear the water has receded is awful...decomp for sure but what???
Big Brother...what a hoot! I think that Jen and Joe need to go. She is too dramatic for me...that fit over her picture. Can we say shallow??? OOOh and how about her tellin' EvilDick not to touch her??? What a cow!!EvilDick...TommyLee's older brother??
And who is to say that the 3 are not the better ones to keep?? That little blonde girl is just too cute!! Did you see the way she walked into the room??? That "I'm a Queen" Walk!!!

My 4th was happy!