Friday, April 25, 2008

Different Strokes

It's tough being a fan of a last place team. Having fifty thousand fellow fans about you helps. Friday night was Joe Torre Bobblehead night. This thing looks silly, yet brings a calm smile to my face. My camera is in the car, maybe I'll post a picture of it tomorrow or Sunday. After Wednesday night's game, I'm leaving early, fore I know that my alarm will go off in a few hours and I want to be at work as close to on time as possible, if not a bit early, and as I'm walking through the employee parking on my way to the lot where I park, a new white caddy creeps up behind me. I move out of the way and wait for it to pass in the narrow lane. I get a wave from the driver, Tommy Lasorda. I wave back and off he goes. Maybe he thought I might have been an employee walking through down this lane. Whatever, good to see him still at the games. The night before that Ron Howard walked right by me and I did not even recognize him until my buddy pointed him out to me. Then I saw his back heading for the exit. Tonight I stood in line to have Steve Garvey sign his new book for me, as he was doing for everyone who purchased one. He seemed in great spirits and it was good to see him again too. A buddy took my picture with the author on his cell phone. Hope he sends it in the next day or so. Too many things swirling in my head, must rest... cya.

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Nadine Hightower said...

Way cool!!!
How can you be in last place?? The season just opened. It's new year and the road to the series is wide open and long??. Football does it too. I really hate it. The teams haven't even played a game but one team starts out in first place?? The slate should be wiped clean!!