Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thusday, Big Travel Day

Left Tulsa at dawn this morning and headed for Houston. While still in Oklahoma, I pulled into a shamrock station in some little town off of highway 75 and was filling up the mini with premium when a couple pull up in an SUV and the woman gets out and asks me if I'm a local and can direct her to a nearby church. I'm wearing a blue Hawaiian Dodgers shirt, welder sunglasses, and a soft driving cap, putting gas into a mini convertible with California license plates, and she asks me if I live here. Where is she from? Arkansas? Um, no, I'm not from here, and I have yet to scope out the local religious scene. So she trots into the store to see if anyone there knows. Off I go then...

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Nadine Hightower said...

Good to know about the weather. It's rained here all day, and in the 80's... much needed relief.
I was also wondering about the last earthquake. If you and your aunt and your mother fared okay. There was a really bad tornado one year that hit my kids school. So the mothers of the Kindergarten class got together to figure out what to do about their graduation ceremony...when one of the mother's announced she was going back to Calif becuz she could handle earthquakes and never wanted to go thru another tornado.
I guess it's all in what you are used to.

People asking dumb questions:
Roy was gassing up his patrol car, dressed his uniform on the turnpike in the middle of Oklahoma when some woman asked him if the wind was blowing in St Louis.

Have a safe trip!