Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cubs Lose

Not only did the cubbies lose, but the dodgers swept them in three straight games. Sorry cub fans, but I am very happy. Other fans that I hadn't seen for half the year started buying me drinks after the game at the stadium club, so I bought them drinks back. Though there was no way I could drink them all, at nearly midnight after the game had ended, security finally came in to clear us all out and I head through the suites back toward my section and out of the stadium. The only folk though this part of the parking lot were drunks and security. Which was I? Definitely not security. I did make it home safe and sound and able to let you know how happy dodger fans are tonight. Twenty years since this team had won a post season series. Poor cubbies and their hundred year quest will have to wait another year, Go Dodgers. I even have time to record for tomorrow, but for now, sleep, wonderful sleep. g'night all.

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VENTL8R said...

Thanks for swinging by last week. Sorry I haven't been by since then! Hubs is sad, but not surprised, with the Cubs' loss. As per usual Cubs Fans mantra, "There's always next year." That seems to be the going theme here in Nebraska, as well.

Take care!