Friday, December 26, 2008

Delivered and Accepted

Now that the gift has been given and used, I can talk a bit about aquiring it from the Apple Store.
The experience was okay. Parking was terrible. I parked back on the bridge over the 110 freeway and walked the two blocks to the store. They were very busy. The first employee took me to a second who was helping someone else and directed a third to go in the back and get what I wanted and delivered it to a fourth employee who was found by the first one to finally ring me up, after the fourth employee tried to sell me several packages I did not want, though they did do a friendly job of trying to sell me a more expensive model than what I wanted. I did relent to get the 99 dollar printer/scanner/copier from cannon since they offered a hundred dollar rebate, which I applied for and received back within a week. I finally walked out with the macbook I wanted, with a printer and three year coverage which will make my niece a happy camper. At least for a few months... ;)
...She sure was quiet after she thanked me and started using it, along with a big smile on her face. Mom was a wonderful host again this year. One brother from Tulsa was also with us, where were my other two brothers and their families? Hmmmm? My sister gave me a new cell phone. As soon as I activate it, I'll post the number here for you. yeah, right. Think I'll curl up in my new dodger blanket with a home plate dodger pillow too. Good Night!

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Nadine Hightower said...

You're a good Uncle!!
I've been here a dozen times but something happened....

Merry Christmas a few days late.