Thursday, May 31, 2007

First of Fifty

Five tables filled up at last night's card club's bounty tournament. Started at seat three on table one and didn't change until they redrew for final table positions, when I moved to seat four. I was getting lucky all night. My two pairs were turning into full houses, knocking out made straights and flushes. A guy went all in after the flop when I had raised five times the blinds preflop. I guess he didn't think I had a pair of aces. He was going for a back door flush, when a second jack hit the table on the turn, and a third jack hit on the river to give me another full house. At the final table my pair of sevens beat out a queen-ten and an ace-six to triple up to about forty four thousand and became the chip leader. With the blinds increasing every fifteen minutes, the other players didn't have a chance. Finally it was down to three players with antes of four hundred and blinds of twelve hundred and twenty four hundred. The seasoned player wanted to chop it three ways and I thought it was an okay idea since it was approaching midnight, and I knew my alarm clock was going to off in five to six hours. The younger player did not want to, but wanted to keep playing. We did keep playing until I knocked him out five hands later. That move cost him over a hundred bucks as he walked away with third place money. The last remaining player and myself agreed to a chop, but that I would get a hundred or so more than him. Fine with me, He had beaten me before, but I had four times as many chips as him this time. I may have over tipped the dealers though, for I walked out with less cash than the other player did. No worries, I had a great time, being patient and sipping my gatorade, with my sunglasses on my hat and being agressive when others played back at me whilst I was holding a hand. It's good to win one again, live.


Nadine Hightower said...

Good for you!! High Five!!!!

And welcome to being a full time blogspotter!!
I know I like it better!!
Let's see how many times Ihave to type that code word.....

Nadine Hightower said...

first time!!!! woo hoo!!!