Monday, May 14, 2007

Reds are Swept

Weird series with the Reds this past weekend. Not in a sense of what happened on the field, [Dodgers swept the Reds three straight], but in the way people reacted around me. Thursday night I'm getting my palm read before watching the 300, and confirm everything she's saying about seeing future events. The three hundred is a fun film to watch whether you know any Greek history or not. Characters are overstated just enough to make for a great story. Friday night I had a dinner guest at the stadium club and did not pay a lot of attention to the game. The only scoring was in the first inning, so watching that and relying on pitchers to take care of the rest of the game worked out well. I let her pick the wine while watched the game and the other people. Good choice, as everything went well, including the fireworks show after the game. Saturday was a fun game to watch. After the game was very strange, stumbled out from the stadium club a half hour after the game or so, and noticed a woman staring into the driver side window of my car. I was still fifty feet away and thought I'd startle her a bit. Hit the remote control and waited for the windows to start rolling down. All she did was gasp, lean back and start to applaud. As I approached her I noticed her old man with a phone to his head about ten feet further. I shook his hand, introduced myself and asked what was she doing to my car? Apparently she owns the hard top version and wants a sporty convertible version. I said cool, let her sit in the driver seat and showed her how to put the top all the way open. After about five minutes of oohing and aaahing she got silly and started bouncing up and down in the seat, that's when I said 'alright, out of the car', which she reluctantly did, and then cheered me as I started it up and drove off to the sunset exit. Sunday was the best win of the three, as they had us down five to three, we came back to tie it, and then eventually score ten runs to win. Ten runs means ten free wings at hooters within forty eight hours and a ticket stub. I have never been in a hooters, and I left yesterday's tickets at home, so I guess I'll never get to taste 'em. Tonight they start a series with the Cardinals, who are also on a current downswing. Good time to beat up on them too. See you at the game.

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