Friday, December 21, 2007

Maybe it's Just New Game Shows

I am transfixed on DUEL. Still like are you smarter than a fifth grader and deal or no deal. Miss one vs. one hundred. Older game shows are slipping from memory. Maybe I only like them when they are new. Then again, I still remember Art Fleming hosting Jeopardy. I'm so confused, off to finish Christmas shopping and maybe a tournament or two.


Bridget said...

Haven't really gotten into most of the game shows although I do catch 'Don't forget the lyrics' from time to time.... how does duel work?

Proto said...

Don't forget the lyrics is a fun show, even when Wayne Brady stole a losing contestant from the fifth grader show and then she lost on his show too. Oh well. Duel is an elimination game, ten chips for each player and a series of multiple choice questions all with four answers, you have to either pick the right answer or cover them all and hope the other gets it wrong, out of chips, out of the game. all wrong chips add 5k to the prize pool for the ultimate winner.