Friday, December 28, 2007

Presents II

My sister and brother-in-law gave me a warmer/cooler thermos like fridge that runs off of a cigarette lighter outlet. The year before it was an air hockey game and the year before that it was a table top race car set. It would fit great on the transmission hump of a van or an SUV, but she knows I have a fourteen month old mini cooper. I think she gives me things that she really wants for herself. Just where am I to put this little monster that can warm a picnic basket or cool a six pack? On the back seat! they all tell me. Not sure I want to put it in the back seat of a convertable. Things could get blown out of there. At least it comes with an AC adapter too. Maybe I could put it in the office near the monitor. C'est la vie, Que sara, sara, and off motoring I go... Thanks Sis.


Nadine Hightower said...

Unless some one has a convertible they have no clue as to the wind that blows everything!! I left a trail of kleenex once!
Most people do that...give a gift they want thinking you will like it Roberta Flack!!
And the entry is on my Google Reader!! That's how I knew about it! and is still there....go figure?

ITChick said...

What are those people thinkin'? Not to be crass, but did it come with a gift receipt? Nice but impractical in your case.

Now I want a convertible.

Angei said...

Interesting gift. It's the thought...right?

Love your car by the way.