Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day 2008

Wow. A lot of fun today. Picked up a friend who wanted to go two and a half hours before game time and headed for the stadium. As opposed to years past, parking at dodger stadium was a breeze this year. The most congested spot for me was turning onto exposition blvd from sunset. Being a state holiday, traffic downtown was light. Once inside, left our coats and door gifts at the seats and marched through the suite level to the stadium club. Long line to get in, we bypassed that with the story that we were just going to the bar, and not there to eat. Place was already hopping. Three people deep at the hundred foot wide bar and restaurant seating was proceeding. Found some buddies at the bar to stand behind, and with a wave and a wing ordered two of my blue off menu specials. Greeted several folk as they filtered in, asked where they were sitting now, etc. After the second round, headed back to the seats, and watched an emotional opening ceremony with just about every living dodger in the hall of fame was there. Their names would appear on the scoreboard and their picture on the diamond vision and then they would walk out to the position they use to play at. Only the first day and already I've clapped and hollered myself sore and hoarse. What followed was a great game over the hapless giants. Nice to shut them out on opening day. Eighty more home games in the season, and one hundred and sixty one left total. The next six months should be as memorable.


Nadine Hightower said...

I'm torn....My two favorite people are baseball fans...Manny's mom LOVES the Yankees and you are a Dodger fan so I have to sit on the fence. But I feel your pride and love for the game and it's players.

I can't believe there are over 160 games in a season! And the boys of summer play the series in October!!

Good luck to you and your Dodgers!

Bridget said...

well, a few of the girls from bowling and I are planning on attending a couple twins games.... the option... women and wine nights! I think we can have just a bit of fun there, lol.