Sunday, March 30, 2008

Replacement Has Arrived

Wow, that was fast. Last Wednesday, I get a message from my shipper/receiver that I have a package waiting. I'm thinking, what little gift did the Dodgers send now? But no, it was my replacement monitor for the one I reported just the weekend before. I'm impressed. So I set it up, noticed one pixel white outed, and a bright spot on the upper left when it first came one, but since then, it has been perfect. Says refurbished on the box, but I do not care. It is much better than the one I am boxing up and sending back to them! Gotta love free shipping labels for returning items. And yes, that is a blue glow coming from the computer. Not sure it came out in the flash or not. Now I have a lot of a paperwork to do and shred, and take out to the garbage. See ya.

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