Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekly Fun

Another fun week so far at Dodger Stadium. No more whining about being in last place as for the last two weeks they've been the hottest team in baseball and worked their way up to 2nd in the west. Just took two out of three from the Metropolitans and pushed them from tied for 2nd in the east to tied for 3rd. Poor Mets. They'll do better elsewhere. Today was a day game, so I took a vacation day from work and enjoyed sleeping in late, and being served my brunch and brew all game long. Fun, fun, fun. Until we lost the game, but hey, it's not what's happening, it's who you are with, and I was with folk whose company I value. Just a few snaps above, one is a railroad map that I finished working on and uploaded to hooked gamers railroad site, two of them are folk playing the baseball video games on the club level of the stadium. Yes, they play those while the real game is going on. The second machine from the left had the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death blinking, so it wasn't working so well. Sometimes when I walkby, I may pull a trigger or two pitching and batting who knows who to who knows what. Today I snapped photos of those staying at it a bit longer than I do. The fourth picture shows last night in the parking lot where a helicopter with a search light [night sun] leading in a few police cars to break up twenty folk from having a post game tailgate. Too bad the story does not come out in my cheap little camera's attempt at capturing it. I would get a new camera, maybe one with an optical zoom, if I knew I was going to use it more than once a month like this one. I take it with me a lot of places now, just haven't been using it. Maybe I'll break down and buy a cell phone that would do the work too, and send it to this site. Nay, it's the old circle. No cell phone, no girlfriend, no girlfriend, no cell phone needed.


Nadine Hightower said...

That's the sad thing about men...if they carried purses they could have all their toys with them! wallets, phone, glasscase, sunblock, lipbalm....why haven't men cabbaged on to lipbalm??
My cell phone has a camera but take a crappy pix. Not a function I care for or texting. I can barely keep the car between the lane lines as it is without fiddlin' with the phone. But my camera goes every where with me.

But men with fanny packs....not cool! Maybe a manly backpack slung over the shoulder would be okay.

See the beginning og the season should never be counted as to the ranking of the team.

Bridget said...

oh come now proto...break down and catch up with the times, get the cell! lol...I've actually gotten rid of my landline because the only folks who called on there were salesmen.... well, I'm off to work on a project or two, have a great week.