Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Hundred Grand in Play Money

After Monday night's performance of being knocked out twenty second' of fifty four, I was not a happy poker player. I did not show it either. I did have fun knocking out a know-it-all yankee when he didn't think I had anything and went all in with his king-queen and I called with ace-king. Board came up all rags, but before that, he exploded out of his chair saying 'Oh my god, you have a hand!' I just tilted my head under my cap and stared at the table as the dealer finished his job and pushed thirty thousand in tournament chips my way. That was the last pot I won that night. Some were having fun giving each other false advice and I was smirking as I listened to it. If I would have followed the advice of never folding queen-rag hands, I may have picked up a few more pots, but I also would have lost a lot of chips. Just now, I finished an online 25000 play money HORSE tournament on PokerStars. Just for grins, I called down to the river with queen-rag and won a pot from a guy who considered it bad play. Well, it was a bad play, but instead of admitting that, I made a side bet offer of 100 grand in play money, that I would outlast him in this play money tournament. A minute later he comes back and asks if it was directed at him. I confirm it, and he accepts. Cool, all I have to do is outlast this guy [named belgum] and I would collect the same as first place in this little tournament. It got down to the last two players, and who do you think they were? Yup, him and me. He did admit to respecting my play to that point, but when the game came around to hold-em again, and I held queen-rag, we re-raised each other all we could and I crippled his chip stack after getting queens full of sixes. Poor guy could only type 'wtf'. The chips did pass back and forth between us for a few hands until I did not raise with queen-rag again but called him until he was all-in on a queen-eight-seven flop. He was holding king-jack, the better hand before the flop, but I out flopped him and won the tournament for a hundred grand of play money chips, and he took sixty thousand for second place. I'm still waiting for his transfer of another hundred thousand as the conclusion to our side bet. If he transfers it, great. If he doesn't, then he's just another up and coming bum. Hear that belgum? Pay up! There is a live HORSE tournament this Saturday at a large local card room for less than a couple of hundred bucks to enter. A number of local pros who are not at the world series of poker in Las Vegas this month will be there. I may practice with a few more of these and see how I fare, and may even enter this Saturday. Wish me luck!
**The five games of poker in HORSE are:
Hold-em, Omaha high/low, Razz, Stud high, and Stud high/Eight or better for low.

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