Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fortieth of One Hundredred Twenty Seven

Six and a half hours of playing two or three games for a half hour each, then a ten minute break. Lasting longer than over eighty other HORSE players is a good thing, but only the top sixteen are getting paid to play. We were eight to a table, of sixteen tables. I so wanted to be one of them. Met a few globe troting pros during the breaks, and they were kind enough to listen to me for a minute or so. Recognized many local pros too. And my luck hung in there several times when I was all-in and waiting on a wonderful river card in stud, razz or omaha. A few exciting moments during all those hours of folding. I started at table 14 for the first five hours or so, then I got moved and immediately lost a big hand at the new table in hold'em. The guy the crippled me got knocked out a few hands later and they finally broke that table up. Good, I was getting out drawed on the three hands I did play that hour there. The table I broke into wasn't much better. They had tens of thousands of chips and I was down to my last few thousand. My last hand was in the big blind which was half my stack. 7,9,10,Jack and the board comes King,6,3. Excellent, all I need is an eight or a queen and then a duplicate of my 9,10 or Jack for a straight to get at least the high portion of the main pot. Boy, what a fool I was pushing in the last of my chips and getting two callers, only to have them dividing up the pot between them and me being left with nothing. How could I risk my tournament knowing I needed two cards to get with two cards coming to the board? Tired and hungry. Yeah that's it. Hadn't eaten anything since the pizza at the bar at Dodger Stadium earlier in the day. My skills were at an all time low on that hand. Time for some endurance training for these big live events. Cya

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