Friday, March 6, 2009

A Thorn Among Five Roses

Lucky me. A friend invited me out for Tapas, I had know idea what she was talking about. Apparently she invited several other of her friends as well and it was me among five women, appetizing, drinking, dining, listening to fine music and some of them dancing. It was a very fun evening that I did not really expect. Two were attorneys from opposite sides of the fence, one was a red headed cop who liked techno punk, and a women from Syria with her daughter the model, that met my friend the night before only because they all spoke french. If you look up Tapas on wikipedia, it is a tradition of Spanish cuisine after work and before dinner with a lot of drinking. This was not quite that, and it was a lentil Friday so I ordered nothing but items with tuna in it and avoided the beef and pork. The model had just finished a photo shoot for the Virgin America campaign for the french market. Her mom invited me to her home on Sunday evening, after we all meet at my friends house for dinner tomorrow. One lawyer was my friend, the other an intriguing blond who talked about her kids, and the cop knew more dodger facts than I. But I was the only one with season tickets, so they all became my friend. This was more fun than flying halfway across the country to play a board game, which is what I did last weekend. And the weekend has only started.