Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day game fun

Took yesterday as an annual leave day and went to the last weekday day game of the Dodger season. Did not sit down in my seats, but instead made a reservation at the stadium club for brunch and a bottle of wine. The brunch buffet was great, as always. Sat at the glass next to a few other old timers and had fun watching the Dodgers come from behind to tie and eventually win in extra innings. I loaned my tickets to another couple who were going to take clients down to the seats and watch the game close up. They offered to pay for my meal, and of course I agreed. Turns out that their clients did not want to go down there, but stay up in the club. Still got my meal though. Took the rest of my wine to their table when the clients left and enjoyed their conversation until the guards kicked us out about a half hour after the game ended. Went straight home after the game and fell fast asleep. Woke up at three this morning to the sound of thunder. Thunderstorms in Southern California? Very rare indeed, usually left over from a tropical storm from Mexico. Almost no rain, and what little I saw on the ground at 3 AM was gone by the time I went out to the car at 6 AM. Water doesn't seem to last in the desert. Was in the high seventies before the sun came up, and may go over one hundred again today. Maybe I'll find an air-conditioned movie house after work today...


Nadine Hightower said...

I am sittin' on pins and needles..and I like it....but did you unplug the phone line??
Did ya?? Did ya??

That sure sounds like a nice time at the ballgame.

Bridget said...

Rain in the dessert? Hmmmm, I seemed to run into just a bit of it in Vegas this last week....seems there was even some flooding. Maybe it was a good thing to be on the 24th floor :|