Sunday, September 2, 2007

Warm and Powerless

Just after one PM Saturday afternoon, I was highly involved in a game of Sid Meier's RailRoads! with the one portable air conditioning unit pointed at my back and the computer running the stereo sound system at movie volume. Playing on a wide screen TV is highly recommended by me. I was just thinking about getting something cool to drink when BAM, the power goes out. Not just a breaker tripping, but the whole neighborhood. I hear jets making course corrections ten miles away, and dogs communicating fervently. Oh well, hope the hard drive didn't take a dive on the less than year old computer. I quickly realized that it was hot. triple digits hot and no breeze to speak of. So in order to stay cool, filled the tub half way with cold water, grabbed a book from the headboard, grabbed a drink from the fridge, and placed them all on a wooden TV tray by the tub as I slowly slipped in. Ah, refreshing and COLD. Not moving into this quickly am I. Inch by inch, toes first, then the rest slowly dunked until cool. Dry off the hands, sip drink, and start to read. It was really quite comfortable in there. Just over fifty minutes into the book, I heard my fans come back on, for a second, then two seconds, then power's back. Finish the chapter, then get up, dry off, and reboot, making sure my two systems are okay. The old one running the VGAP game in the back room, and the new one wired into everything in my living room. All survive and it was back to gaming in front of a cool breeze once again. Amazing how much of my entertainment is electrical powered. Movies, radio, computer, yet the sun was still bright enough to read a book by. It's after one in the morning, and almost cool enough to go to sleep. Think I'll do so, and say a 'thanks for the reminder' prayer tomorrow morning.

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Nadine Hightower said...

Whew!!! for a moment there I thought you were gonna say you had the same problems I have!!!