Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mini Explosion

There are now a half a dozen mini coopers in the company parking lot. Mine was the second one, and I'm still the only convertable with a turbo sports package. All different colors too, there's a red one, a white one, a green one, oh, you get the picture. Let's Motor!


Bridget said...

very nice ride, proto!!!! myself, I'd love to get back into a stickshift car, something about driving fast and shifting... mmmm, gotta love a good ride!!

Le Lib said...

I know, Darn little color squares, right?
I wish I had one of those minis! Maybe someday.

Nadine Hightower said...

WE saw several on the roads of Texas and every time Roy said, "What is that?" One billboard said 40 mpg and 41 with a good tailwind!!

Can't beat that with a stick!