Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fortieth of Eighty

Argh. Played at the large club last night in the seven PM tourney and barely made it to the first break. I thought it would be a small halloween crowd, but no, entrants kept lining up right up to the start time. Starting to recognize half the crowd at this large club. Same entrants over and over. Two or three players from the hay days of the smaller club too. I was dealt a number of great hands during these fifteen levels, but was either raised over the top and driven out, or called by even better hands. For a few hands, we were just passing the chips around the table. Then the bets got smaller and the chip stacks evened out a bit. Three of us were larger, and two were really small with a lot of action every other hand. I didn't stop myself from calling the all-ins by the short stacks and eventually became one of them when two others doubled-up through me. No re-buys in this tournament and I was finally knocked out in about fortieth place. Lesson learned. This tournament is twice a day, everyday, but I don't think I'll be playing that often here, since it is still only a hobby that pays for itself and I do have a job that supports the rest of my life. Ramble...

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