Monday, September 22, 2008

Police Help

I've become the old man next door yelling 'you kids get off my lawn'. Saturday morning, at seven twenty in the morning, new neighbor outside my open bedroom window decides to use an air powered nail gun in fixing up his new home. Which was nice an quiet when the 103 year old lady use to live there. Thing was built in the forties and does need a lot of work, but come on. A nail gun this early? So since he did not response to my gentle taunts, but kept on working, I phoned the non-emergency number and asked a question, at what hour of the morning may one use an air powered nail gun? She mentioned eight or nine AM but it was different on the weekends and would be glad to send someone out to talk to him. Twenty minutes later I hear a car pull up, a knock on their door, and it stops. For hours. Now for days. Guess he was done, or they talked him out of using it ever again. I would have been happy with just after nine AM that Saturday. Construction still goes on. Today he's mixing cement in a wheelbarrow for a new walkway. That's nice.


Nadine Hightower said...

Damn Hick!! Not knowin' the rules!!
Probably from Oklahoma!!

Angei said...

Yeah, that was a bit early.