Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm A Terrible Boyfriend

I say all the right things.
When we are together.
I'm trainable.
When we are together.
I make many correct moves.
When we are together.
I haven't called or written in ten days.
She called yesterday to remind me that she is still alive.
Ten days ago, I mentioned that I would be spending a week with the Dodgers after work etc.
I haven't really thought of her for eight of those days.
I'm not worthy, and need to tell her.
The half a dozen dates or so the three weeks before were fun.
But, without an enthusiam for baseball, she dropped off my radar.
Why am I telling you?
Easy, you are an anonymous reader.
Me, I'm A Terrible Boyfriend.

1 comment:

Nadine Hightower said...

That should be something you tell her straight up....and we women know that when it comes to baseball, football, hunting or whatever else it that men seem to do...that when the season is over...well. We will be right there ready to go!
At least us good ones that is!