Friday, February 27, 2009

But Which Freeway

If you did not see the sign above, you could not tell which freeway this onramp would be leading you to. The two signs at either side of the ramp have no numbers on them. They did just open the ramp a week or so ago, and construction is not yet finished in the area, so maybe the numbers are just on back-order.

And a quick Charlie update. He has completely healed and I took him up to the pet hospital that treated him a couple of weeks ago. They were glad to see him, and he was checking out the place as nosiely and happily as he could. Interviewing a couple of new families to take him this weekend. I may even offer the no-problem-o return policy that Nadine suggested. He needs a pack around him. Whether other dogs or humans. I don't see him for hours and hours every workday, and when baseball season starts, I will be gone even more hours. Wish us luck.

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