Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dog Days of February

On the first of the month, My Aunt Yanni passed away. Not being able to say her name, my brothers and I at an early age started calling her Aunt Yanni. I turned on my phone after improv class that afternoon to see two voice mails and two text messages from my sister. After reading and listening to them, she called again. When I answered, she put my mom on the phone who gave me the news. I drove right over there. After cleaning up the place and sorting through her paperwork, the question of her dog arose. Neither mom nor my sister have a hard for him. I have a small one, and could watch him until it's time to take him to a 'no-kill' shelter. Monday I left him in the yard with food, water, and apparently a new hole he dug under the back gate. He came home about two in the morning, or that's when I heard his bark to let him back in. Tuesday, after putting a brick under the back gate, he dug under the front gate, played in the gated front yard, then down the other side of the house to the other back gate and dug out again. He did not return that night. I went walking the neighborhood as before, no sight nor sound of him. Wednesday night after work, periodaclly opened the front door, and the garage door in the alley out back calling his name. Finally about 1:30 AM Thursday morning, I open the front door and yell his name. He slow comes around the from the side of the house to the front door. Tail not wagging, head down, eyes up. Bathed, fed, and watered him before he fell asleep on a pillow on the kitchen floor. After work Thursday, took him to a pet clinic where the nice doctor x-rayed, ultrasound'd, and blood tested the dog. Finding bite marks, he got shaved, cleaned, and a head cone. I got anti-biotics and doggie downers to give him twice a day for ten days. I did not plan to have him for ten days. If things went on schedule, I would have had him at the shelter yesterday. Two co-workers had family members who thought they might want to adopt this nine year old mix breed. One has now said no. The other is still pending. Not sure what the next move will be during the dog days of February.


Nadine Hightower said...

So sorry to hear about your aunt. Was this something that was unexpected? Had she been ill?

The no-kill is a good Idea if the families fail to come thru. I've given a couple of my own away...I've had up to 7 dogs at one time.... with the stipulation that if it doesn't work out bring them back.
They were brought back. You could try that and use the no-kill facility as a last resort.

Hugs, and good luck.

Jenn said...

Sorry about your aunt.

It's hard for non-dog people to know, but leaving a dog alone in a yard all day will almost always result in holes in the yard and misc. other attempts to escape. The best bet is always to crate the dog inddors while not at home. Crating makes the dog feel like he has his own special safe cave. It appeals to his animal instincts. And he won't dig in or urinate in his own special place. Maybe if you explain that to your potential families, it will help. Good luck!