Tuesday, November 20, 2007

10th place bubble

Big Boy was giving me trouble all last night. Every pot I entered, he raised or called. And he was hitting lucky river cards to take some big pots in this tournament against the rest of the table too. He asks a lot of silly questions acting dumb during the game, but I've heard him outside during breaks talking strategy with his buddies. I tightened up in the third hour as my stack was becoming a shrinking violet. When I did defend my big blind with King Ten spades, BB called me with queen jack of clubs. Flop comes out eight-nine-four rainbow. Not very dangerous, turn was a rag, and the river was a ten. At first I'm thinking, great I paired, he didn't. Then he says 'straight' and sure enough, I see it, put on my coat, grab my drink, get up from the table, and head for the door. The worse part it was a small field of about thirty that started, and looking around I saw a couple of dozen players I'd beaten heads up before at final tables. I have never played against this guy before, but I think I will again.


Nadine Hightower said...


Have a happy Thanksgiving!

mercy said...

My step-dad is so into this site:

nbcheadsup.com or something.

He's trying to get me to play...lol.

thanks for stopping in.,