Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fourteenth of Forty

Argh again. Right before the second break, I get my chip stack eaten away at. The coup de gras was the last hand of the sixth level where I was the big blind for eight hundred, ante'd a hundred and only had three hundred left after that. Four folk on my left folded and got ready for the break when a loose-agressive player went all in. The rest of the late position players folded, the cutoff and the small blind folded, and I look and find a King and a eight of different suits. I know he has a worse hand than this terrible level eight hand that I have, but how bad? It takes me a few minutes after the break started to finally call off my last three hundred. He shows a nine and a eight of diamonds and we are off to the races. The flop comes with two nines, and with a jack on the turn, I'm drawing dead. The four on the river was no help so his three nines wipe me out and I head home before making another final table. Maybe better next week.

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