Friday, November 9, 2007

Drawing Dead

At this morning's Omaha tournament out at the Lake, there were so many players and so few dealers that we were sitting with eleven players per table through the first break, dealing to only ten players, and letting the player on the button sit out. You could play with eleven, but every card would be dealt and the only mystery would be the burn cards and the folded hands. I think the director made a nice save instead of letting the later players waiting in a queue for a free seat at a ten handed table. All that being said, the second level after the break, blinds up to four and eight hundred, with sixteen hundred being the bet on the turn and river cards. I look down to see a pair of sixes, an ace, and a ten. Cool, I limp in late position and see a flop with four other players. King, six, Ace hit the board. Great, trip sixes and since no one raised pre-flop, I'm thinking I have the best hand [which I did at the time] and raise, then the guy to my left three bets, the rest fold and I cap it for sixty four hundred. He calls. Turn is a King, great I have a full house. little did I know, so did the guy to my left. We cap the betting again until I am all in. A four hits the river, he has an Ace and King for kings full of aces, and my sixes full of kings doesn't look so hot. I'm out in about thirtieth of seventy seven players. Maybe I'll drive back out there for tomorrow's no hold'em tournament, or stay in town for a bigger one, tough choice. Cya.

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