Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So glad to be off of savings time. Almost makes me want to move to Arizona or Hawaii to avoid it ever again. The new game I bought online finally arrived in the mail last night. Well, it's not exactly a new game, but an ongoing series of refinements to become THE space game, because Universal Combat Collectors Edition from 3000AD is the game for me. You have to want to play a game like this. It is not an arcade game, nor a series of puzzles, but more of an open universe where you can roam in one of many career paths. A diplomat, an explorer, a mercenary, a police or military commander working your way up the chain of command to obtain fleet command and control of the hundreds of ships of/as various races, in dozens of systems with planets and thousands of mission zones on those planets. You can swim underwater, walk/run to another base, drive a vehicle, pilot a fighter, shuttle, deploy mining drones, beam up to your command craft in a transporter, and involve yourself in the political history of this universe. This game is going to suck a lot of my entertainment time up. There is also work time, poker hobby time, apartment cleaning time, local politics time, Dodger time, that all have to be addressed. Is it any wonder that I do not believe in 'savings' time?


Upset Waitress said...

Ya but do you have time to play with yourself?

Nadine Hightower said...

That's funny...I think men make time to play with themselves!

Sorry, that just slipped out!

Okay what were we talkin' about??

I'm not much of a gamer either. Seriously, I never made it past level 3 in Mario Brothers!! I kept fallin' off stuff and had to start over every stinkin' time....that is the part I hate. I want to able to start where I was killed! I was quite good at level 1 but 3...forget it!!
Though I was pretty good at one of the James Bond games...Golden Eye. Not really at the levels but at the one on one combat...I was truly wicked with a shotgun!!!

And I vote to move to Hawaii!

Proto said...

'making time' is a'whole'nother topic, indeed. The discipline to spend five hours a week at a piano is tough enough. One girlfriend thought I wasn't playing enough, and bought me a set of legos. I asked, what do you do with this? She said simply, play with them! So I did. One needs time to play. Okay, back to work...