Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Argument Club

Witnessed a guy at the Stadium Club bar trying to hide the fact that his fiance's best friend was helping him buy shots and helping to hide the fact from those back at the table. The guy is also talking about how she once gave him a black eye. She was a tough little blond with a dodger cap. He was an average punk with white cap on backwards that went so well with his red buzz cut. The BFF was short brunette that had her date back at the table also. She was just trying to have fun. I start describing the scene to the couple on my right. They look to my left, and to the table way behind us near the glass and chuckle along. The two to my left down their shots, grab their beers and other drinks and head back to the table. A few minutes later, the capped blond from the table is at my left asking for her tab to be closed out. She waits for her card to be processed and is obviously steaming. She gets her card back, and is signing the slip just about the time they guy comes up to find out what is going on. She explains that she knows he was doing shots, she knows their friend was helping him cover for it, and that she is not stupid, and that he is ruining their marriage, their engagement, everything. I put my hand up to my mouth, and tell the guy on my right, 'the saga continues'. We have a nice chuckle and the white cap starts talking to me. 'What did you say?, come on, I heard you, you said the saga continues!' at which point I turn to him, raise a left eyebrow, and turn back to my drink. She then begins to tear into him again and starts to leave. Fortunately for me his attention turns back to her. I did not come to get my knuckles dirty, nor my nose broken, so I was glad his side show stopped with me and he paid more attention to the main event. I get up from my stool, find another buddy and start telling him the story. He can't believe it and asks me where they are. I point to the left of where I was sitting and goes over there to witness what finally happens. I wish I knew. I leave for a few minutes, come back, and all parties are gone. Seems a whole new crew of customers has taken over the place. Find a place to sit, watch the end of the game, and start all over again. Why am I even writing about this? dunno. Just another glimpse into the life of uncle Proto.

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Nadine Hightower said...

Which would be to keep shit stirred???

So let me get this straight...you buy season tickets and go to get drunk in the clubhouse, watch fights, and flirt with the crowd?? Where do I get mine...becuz that sounds like my kinda baseball!!!