Monday, September 17, 2007


Wild and wooly weekends. Gotta love them. The last week was a trip to Dodger Stadium to see if the team would stand up or slide down. Ended up winning two out of three from the Padres and from the D'backs. So they are still in the hunt. Last Friday was the deadline for season ticket holders to purchase their post season tickets. I let the deadline pass. A friend I bought brunch for at the game yesterday said I could have one of theirs. If indeed the team makes it to post season play. Thirteen more games to decide that starting with a double header in Colorado tomorrow. Last Saturday and Sunday games were during the day, so instead of sitting down in the sun all afternoon, I reserved a table and pigged out on omlettes and roast beast for six innings upstairs instead. Al joined me both days. He bought Saturday and I bought on Sunday. His wife joined us on Sunday and he slipped me the fee for her brunch. I was more than willing to include her, but he insisted. Fine. He does know his red wines though, and I trusted him to make a couple of fine selections. Those were the only meals I had last weekend, for after making three trips to the buffet each day, I was stuffed. Waddled into work this morning. Some of that was the two big meals the two days before. And some of it was staying up late playing with my new website and getting the host program to receive e-mails from my game players. That's working, but the forms are not. Seems they were for Windows version of PHP and now I have to re-write them for UNIX version of PHP. Fun, fun, fun. Back to coding when I get home tonight.


Nadine Hightower said...

I am in suspense!!!! What is the red wines?????

Jess said...

Ok so which server did you choose ...I'm curious. I guess I'm supposed to get a "dot com" but I dunno where to go. I need easy ...oh and cheap !