Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Season's dead, friendships still there

Commiserating with fellow fans after the team was mathematically eliminated at the stadium club last night during the last couple innings was both painful and helpful. Talked turned to off season gatherings and e-mails and phone numbers were passed around. Sounds like a fun off season in the making. Well after the game, we were getting kicked out of the club and said our goodbyes. I noticed a group of twenty somethings going down the ramp ahead of me. They were moving slow since one of them was hopping on one foot. As I passed one of the girls asked, 'can my friend ride to the car over there on your back?' Amazingly I answered 'absolutely' and kept on walking. Three strides later, there is a leap onto my back and just as amazingly I did not stumble but proceeded to clamp my hands behind her knees and kept walking to where the first one pointed. The things a greybeard has to put up with now and then. About twenty yards through the parking lot, she exclaims that she can walk now. Then repeats it a few seconds later. I let go, she slips off, we wave and I walk towards the mini, remotely lowering the top. Motoring away, I just grinned and waved again as they piled into their sedan. Go home, Proto.

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