Tuesday, September 11, 2007

PCMagic ain't

Argh, my dial-up ISP PCMagic.net had their servers go down at about 1:30 PM PST Monday afternoon. Ten years of site building, down the drain. It was hard sending e-mail through them for the last month or so, and the last week I had been sending my players their turn files manually. No notice from them that they were shutting down, I bet I don't get a refund being paid up through next February either. This bites. My players game is stalled until I find a new place to host the web pages and an e-mail account that they can send turn files too. Argh!


Nadine Hightower said...


Anonymous said...

They seem to be alternating between ring no answer on the phone and a message saying mailbox if full call back in 30 min. They went down once before for about 48hrs with similar non-communication. F_ck I hope they come back I had been using server side mail for few years with them

Jason said...

we will sue this company!!!!
We were depended on this company and our website and all the important db are gone.
We have not backed up our files and that is the biggest mistake we ever made.
Also we are doing nothing in our office for almost a half month hope that mfking server is running back so we can back up all files and dbs.

Alex said...

I'm curious as to how this turned out.

I, too, was a PCMagic customer, having first signed on with them in 1998.

I remember the September outage well. Service was restored after about ten days, though the news server, which had been down since early in the year, was still gone.

Then, in January of this year (2008) everything, including the website disappeared. There has been no sign of PCM since.

The funny thing is that mail sent to PCM does not get bounced, which makes me wonder where it's all going.

Worth noting: not once in 2007 did the company send me, either on paper or via e-mail, a billing notification, even after I requested it. During the September outage they never once answered any of the calls I made or returned a single message. The number I used to call now isn't even affiliated with PCM...

I would really like any information about what happened, as I had some sent messages archived on the webmail service that I would like access to.