Thursday, September 6, 2007

Forty Five of a Hundred and Seven

Thought about going back to the little club, then remembered how the crowd was, and how some new IRS laws for gaming are going into effect, and decided to try to swim in a bigger tournament. It had been nearly 8 months since I played at the larger places, but as rinky dink as the small place was getting, I wanted better value for my tournament fee dollars. Boy did I get it. Printed receipts, courtesious staff, over a hundred competors and a nice prize pool that would pay down to at least eighteen places, if not twenty seven. Even saw a few folk from the smaller clubs, who blew my cover when they came over and shook my hand and talked about other places we've played at. So I'm not a rookie, but I am still unproven. I can win the small ones, and place in the money in the bigger ones, but I have never won a big event. I would wind up not winning this one either. Folded over ninety percent of my hands before the first break. Made one great call to triple up, and another call to end up chopping the pot when we both showed ace queen that paired the queen on the board. Called an all-in and had another guy overcall, ended up checking it down only to triple up the guy that was going to take me out. Yup, if I had not made that call, I may have continued further than forty fifth place. With the blinds at one and two hundred, I threw in my last five hundred. He being in the big blind only had to call three hundred more, everyone else folded and I thought I was going to collect the blinds, but no, he called and I showed my pair of nines to his queen two. Whew, I'm over a seventy to thirty favorite, until a queen hits on the flop and I become a ninety to ten dog. If I had the eight hundred to bet there that I had lost to him before, he may not have called this time, but I didn't, and he did, and I was out. No prize money for me this time. I need to find a local H.O.R.S.E. tournament since I'm having so much fun playing the free ones online. Five different poker games that change at each level of blind increases, fun fun fun. Off I go...

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